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During the Classical period all Greeks could participate in the Olympic Games, from various city-states in mainland Greece and its colonies, that extended from Gibraltar and south Italy and Sicily to the Black Sea. The participation of the slaves and the "barbarians" was strictly forbidden, as well as those who had committed a crime or had robbed a temple. In the Hellenistic period the games became international. The Greeks that participated were mainly professional athletes that came from Antioch in the East to Alexandria in the South and moved from city to city in an attempt to earn large sums of money. Later, in the Roman period, as the athletic spirit declined, the Roman emperors competed in Olympia, while they allowed slaves to take part in games that were organized in other cities. According to a very strict rule, besides forbidding women from participating in the games, it was also not allowed to married women to enter the Stadium, who thus could not watch the events. This lasted only for the period of the games.