Deliver us from eva sex scene. Deliver Us from Eva Movie Review () | Roger Ebert

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Deliver Us from Eva Movie Review () | Roger Ebert

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Eva Gabrielle Union is the eldest of four sisters and has sacrificed much to help her sisters find success in life. A man and a woman kiss, they lie back on a bed, the woman removes her top we see her in a bra and shorts and they continue kissing until they are interrupted. A man and a woman kiss passionately and the woman begins to remove her dress but the man stops her. A man massages a woman's foot, then kisses and licks her toes. A man and a woman kiss romantically several times in several scenes, a man kisses a woman on the cheek, a man kisses a woman's hand, and a man and a woman snuggle in bed together a few times. A man chases a woman around a bedroom asking for sex.