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Behind The Scenes With Pond's & Jordana Brewster | HuffPost Canada

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Brewster largely sits out the action in Furious 7 , but she does share what turned out to be her final scenes with her friend and co-star Walker, whose shocking death in late nearly brought this speed-driven series to an abrupt halt. The movie was eventually completed after a break, becoming not only the biggest production of them all but also a poignant tribute to the actor who was such a core component of the Fast and Furious family. Screen Rant sat down with Jordana for an exclusive interview in which she disclosed her thoughts on the series and its history, the future of her character and the loss of Walker. I remember the first one just felt like —- the first one felt very small. It felt very gritty because we were solely in Los Angeles. And it felt like a movie that would stand alone. We started traveling around the world and I think it sort of completely shifted.