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University of Lagos - Wikipedia

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The University of Lagos — popularly known as Unilag — is a federal government owned research university in Lagos State , southwestern Nigeria. The University of Lagos was established in However, whereas the Ashby Commission had envisaged a non-residential institution which would be sited in the business district of Central Lagos, the UNESCO Commission opted for a traditional university, "a complete all encompassing institution" with residential accommodation on a large campus. The act provided for a provisional council for the university, a senate to preside over academic affairs, and a separate council for the College of Medicine. This was rather unusual for, by authority of the act, the University consisted of two separate institutions—the main university and an autonomous medical school. The link between the two institutions was tenuous at best, consisting of reciprocal representation on both councils and membership in the University Senate by professors in the medical school. The chancellor is the ceremonial head of the university who, in the name of the university, confers all degrees.