Wes welker nude. Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard: 'I'm a nudist'

Wes welker nude. Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard: 'I'm a nudist'

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Tennessee Titans safety Bernard Pollard: 'I'm a nudist'

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Detailed planning, flawless execution, priceless reaction. Welker and a Texas Tech teammate Mike Smith, his former roommate, close friend, and now the Jets linebackers coach told a few other Red Raiders about a lake at a nearby golf course where they could find dozens of golf balls. So the unsuspecting victims parked their truck in a neighborhood, stripped down to their underwear, and headed for the course. Welker and Smith sprang into action — the fact that their teammates left the keys in the truck an unexpected bonus. They jumped in and drove to the course, pretending to be security and chasing the young men away. While many cackled in Foxborough, not everyone got the joke. The stunt resulted in Welker being benched for the start of the game, which the Patriots lost,