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Sex video shown to all in Bernardo trial - UPI Archives

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TORONTO, June 1 -- Victims' families and many spectators left the courtroom Thursday as video monitors showed explicit tapes of alleged killer Paul Bernardo and his fiancee having sex and talking about raping young girls. Many people were shocked that the tape segments were shown to all in the courtroom, in light of Judge Patrick LeSage's ruling earlier this week that only he, the jury, attorneys and accused would see videotaped evidence in order to protect the feelings of the victims' families. The video segments shown to the entire court did not include any images of the two victims, Leslie Mahaffy, 14, or Kristen French, 15, whom Bernardo is accused of murdering. The segments took place in the recreation room of the home of Bernardo's then-fiancee, Karla Homolka, in St. Catharines in southern Ontario. Both Bernardo and Homolka are naked.