Jodi arias x rated pics. Jodi Arias Trial Update: X-Rated Evidence Presented During Resentencing

Jodi arias x rated pics. Jodi Arias sentencing trial: X-rated evidence presented

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Jodi Arias sentencing trial: X-rated evidence concludes facts phase

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The prosecution in the Jodi Arias sentencing retrial finished its summary of the facts of the murder Tuesday with a sputtering exchange of objections as jurors viewed and listened to X-rated evidence for a fifth day in a row. The courtroom will be dark today, but when trial resumes Thursday, the defense attorneys will begin to present mitigating evidence they hope will persuade the jury to bring back a sentence of life in prison, instead of death, for Arias, A first jury convicted Arias of murder in , but was unable to reach a unanimous decision on the life or death sentence, prompting the sentencing retrial. Prosecutor Juan Martinez had controlled the courtroom Monday, showing texts and e-mails and playing voice mails that Arias had sent to her victim, Travis Alexander, after he was already dead to try to deflect suspicion away from herself. Martinez played damning videos of her lies to Mesa Detective Esteban Flores during interrogation.