Images of miscarried fetus. What A Miscarriage Looks Like

Images of miscarried fetus. We value your feedback

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What A Miscarriage Looks Like

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A woman's periods can differ from cycle to cycle for all sorts of reasons, from stress or an illness like the flu to a chronic medical condition, a change in diet, extreme weight loss or weight gain, or fluctuations in hormones. Any of these can result in a flow that's heavier or lighter than usual, that lasts longer or for a shorter amount of time, and so forth. An exceptionally heavy period sometimes can mean a miscarriage. If this happens to you and you've recently tested positive on a pregnancy test, then it's highly probable that the pregnancy wasn't viable, meaning not healthy enough to continue, and Mother Nature is taking its course. But what if you experience a really heavy period without having taken a pregnancy test? Is there any way to tell if the bleeding is actually a miscarriage rather than a regular period?