Hitler 1936 berlin olympics. Olympics History: What Happened When Hitler Was Host | Time

Hitler 1936 berlin olympics. The Nazi Olympics Berlin 1936

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Berlin Olympic Games | interkulti.eu

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In , shortly after assuming power as chancellor of Germany, Adolf Hitler moved forward with plans to turn the Summer and Winter Olympics into showcases for his regime. He ordered the construction of a massive new stadium in Berlin and channeled funds toward the completion of an airport to welcome international visitors. Additionally, the Summer Games were meant to be the first to reach audiences around the world via television, as well as the first to feature the now-traditional element of the Olympic torch relay. Of course, while the Olympics are ostensibly designed to bring a multitude of races and cultures together in a spectacle of competition, the Fuhrer had little use for such notions of unification. In fact, he deliberately hurt his country's chances for success by keeping Jews out of athletic clubs and events, eliminating potential Olympic medalists like high-jumper Gretel Bergmann.