Hillary pantsuit images. Hillary Clinton's Pantsuits Will Be Taking Over The World Soon

Hillary pantsuit images. Hillary Clinton's Iconic Style Through the Years

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Hillary Clinton's Best Pantsuits - Clinton Rainbow Pant Suits

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To say that it's a tough day to be Hillary Clinton is pretty much the understatement of the century. When the former presidential candidate announced last month that she'd be attending Donald Trump 's inauguration , it was tempting to wonder why she would put herself through such an ordeal. After all, this wasn't your typical lost election—her opponent had promised to put her in jail and gone out of his way to humiliate her to any degree he could. But when she stepped out of her car wearing a creamy white Ralph Lauren pantsuit along with a white overcoat, it became pretty clear that Clinton was showing up as a not-so-subtle symbol for women everywhere that they should continue to fight. She isn't the only prominent woman who donned white. Jill Biden is wearing a white coat.