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Female masturbation documentary. The Female Orgasm Explained

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With all the sexualisation and pressure around sex that we are subjected to every day, everyone is pretty silent on the subject of female masturbation. Barraja says she was so surprised by the conversations she had with the models for Les Branleuses during the shoot, about things that she could not show in photographs, that she decided to extend the subject into a film. After a shaky, nervous start they open up about their fears, secrets, phobias, fantasies and pleasures around masturbation. Revelations abound, some women in the group had not masturbated until the age of 35 and 40, some have never had an orgasm with a sexual partner, some are averse to even looking at their own genitals. But why is this such a taboo and poorly understood activity? Women lose out in many areas of society that are commonly recognised — the pay gap, the leadership gap, the school-based gap in STEM — but women are also losing out in attaining sexual pleasure when compared to men.