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The following fifteen matches will never be confused with Sasha Banks vs. And there is no way in hell excuse the pun that any of the below will be compared to the ground breaking, history making Hell In A Cell match between Charlotte and Sasha. With all that out of the way, the extensive and in-depth analysis taken while researching and constructing this list was something that only a select few journalists have the ability, patience and privilege to undertake. Before the Divas Revolution Era, many fans would use the time during PG Era Women's matches for a snack or washroom break, but one can't imagine ever walking away during one of the matches listed below, purely from a warmblooded male point of view. So with that being said, thanks to the internet, let us take a trip back down memory lane to relive the Top 15 Divas Matches that were pretty terrible from a wrestling standpoint, but were oh so enjoyable from a lighthearted fun appreciation for the female body point of view. Who doesn't like chocolate pudding?