Argentina 2012 olympics. Argentina at the Summer Olympics - Wikipedia

Argentina 2012 olympics. Argentina at the 2012 Summer Olympics

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Olympics men's basketball USA - Argentina 83 - as it happened | Sport | The Guardian

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On Wednesday, May 2, the Argentine government broadcast this advert , in which hockey player Fernando Zylberberg is seen training on the Falkland Islands, known in Spanish as Las Malvinas and claimed by Argentina. It was controversial — and the only topic of conversation around Argentine water coolers the following morning. So what are the chances that this publicity gold medal will be joined by a clutch of real ones? Pretty low, to be frank. Argentina won two golds at the Beijing games, one in cycling unlikely to be repeated this time around and one in football not to be repeated this time around since the team failed to qualify. In historical terms, however, the Beijing haul was actually a pretty good one. Argentina has won 66 medals 17 gold, 23 silver, 26 bronze since the games, the first in which it competed.