Altered carbon s01e08. ‘Altered Carbon’ Recap Season 1 Episode 8: Clash by Night

Altered carbon s01e08. Altered Carbon - Clash by Night Synopsis and Schedule

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Altered Carbon S01E08

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Naked swordfighting! Remember the clones that Kovacs found at the end of last episode before his sister revealed she killed Quellcrist Falconer? Joel Kinnaman sells the slack-jawed shock at all of these revelations, including the one that Reileen killed their mentor and his girlfriend, Quellcrist Falconer. While Kovacs wanted to join the Envoys and fight the man, Reileen was concerned that they would get them both killed, and so she acted first. She also lays out an interesting dynamic of this future — he could be so angry that he kills his sister, but her backup would only return her to a new clone. Enemies could be immortal in this world — so could supposed allies.