Countries competing in the olympics. List of participating nations at the Winter Olympic Games - Wikipedia

Countries competing in the olympics. These 6 Countries Are Competing in the Winter Olympics the Very First Time (Video)

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Winter Olympic Medal Tracker: Norway Takes the Lead | Time

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Below is a list of all the countries that are currently recognized by the International Olympic Committee as National Olympic Committees. Five countries have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games — Greece, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, and Australia, though not always as part of official teams. Switzerland is on this list even though they boycotted the Olympics - they had competed in the equestrian events several months earlier in Stockholm. France did not send a team to the Games but a lone Frenchman did compete for the USA and a mixed team. Therefore, out of these five nations only Greece has participated under its own flag in all modern summer Olympic Games. For some interesting trivia about the countries that have participated at the summer Olympic Games, follow the links below.