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Airtel megabyte subscription code. AIRTEL Internet Bundle, Data Plans, Subscriptions Codes & Prices

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Airtel Data Plan for Android and Smartphones - Nigeria Technology Guide

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Airtel also carried out some series of system upgrade which in turn made their network a lot faster in terms of browsing the internet and downloading. Also, there is a biweekly two weeks Airtel data plan at the rate of N for MB. This time based data bundle from Airtel are usable between 12am and am any day of the week , so you can also address them as night plans. It will come in handy if you have loads data you want to download. NB : Please note that the social plans below are strictly for chatting on social media. So there they are, all Airtel data plan bundles for all phones, PCs and other devices. They are certainly not that cheap but good offer for the money.