Exorcist sex scene. Astoundingly Scandalous TV and Movie Scenes That Left Audiences Shocked

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Astoundingly Scandalous TV and Movie Scenes That Shocked Audiences

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Every once in a while, a scene comes along in a movie or a TV show that leaves viewers stunned and outraged. When this happens with a film, there will be reports of people walking out of the theater or maybe even of protests outside cinemas. When it happens with a TV show, the networks will receive complaints, and they might ban the episode from ever airing again. Regardless of whether you personally think the extreme content was justified by the story, all of these scenes truly made an impact, surprising everyone and resulting in a backlash — and, in one case, in the director actually being arrested. The Exorcist Hoya Productions. These days, it might be difficult to understand why. But back in , seeing graphic language and violence used in this religious context in a major motion picture was incredibly shocking.